Home User

As a home user you can benefit from some of the solutions for businesses. From systems to the networks, there are many things that home users can take advantage of and most of the time at a surprisingly low cost. We find that home users suffer the most and get taken advantage of, either offered services and hardware they don't need or aren't offered the equipment they do need.

Services at a glance:

Computer Support: desktop, laptop, tablet, printing, copying, scanning and mobile options. (Windows/MAC)

  • Upgrades - memory, hard drives, operating systems and software
  • Virus/malware/spyware removal and protection moving forward
  • Optimization: let us help make your computer faster. Most of the time we can increase the speed of your computer by over 150% and we'll show you how to keep it that way
  • Remote assistance, let us help remotely (active working internet connection required)


Network: design and implementation (LAN/WAN/VPN), wireless, remote management and remote access.

  • Do you need access to your work computer, other remote computer or data?
  • Network optimization and speed evaluation
  • Network printing, scanning, copying and fax
  • Data, pictures, file and media sharing


Servers: believe it or not, installing a small server is ideal for home and small business. Don't lose pictures, videos, documents, tax forms, etc., let us help!

  • Microsoft Windows Home Server
  • Drobo or other NAS (network attached storage) devices
  • FTP and web server


Security: cabled and wireless security solutions. (configuration of existing solutions or new installations)

  • We will typically work with your existing hardware (unless it is outdated and doesn't have a decent level of security options)
  • Update firmware and router configuration
  • Secure your data and personal information


Training: computer (home and business - management and functionality), server (design, implementation and maintenance). We will show you tips and tricks to keep your systems running at optimal speeds.


Documentation: we will provide full documentation of all configurations and installations. This ensures you have everything you need moving forward, with us or another company.