iApproach offers full IT, computer, server, network, wireless, printing, mobile, email and backup support, serving San Diego and southern California. In most cases we can assist remotely, if not, we can perform a site visit and assess the problem. We are committed to resolving your issue.

If we cannot fix the problem, you pay nothing. Estimates are given after the evaluation and we will never charge more than we estimate. You have the option to request additional services, at which time, we will provide a new or extended estimate.

If you are located outside the San Diego area or southern California, iApproach offers Remote Support and in most cases (as long as you have a working internet connection), we can fix, optimize or troubleshoot the problems.

Our remote support can be used for training as well. You are able to see the screen while we perform all tasks. If you would like help or would like to understand how to do a particular task, our team is the right choice for you.

Remote procedure: (*note: we will never connect to your computer without authorization from you)

  1. Contact Us, submit a question on our contact form or give us call
  2. Over the phone we will discuss your issue and walk you through the remote software download
    1. Alternatively, you can download the software and send us your ID and password
    2. See the software tutorial (coming soon)
  3. We will connect to your computer through the secure software and fix the problem
    1. For PC/Server optimization, full version download is required (supports reboots)
    2. Quick Support does not require install and runs locally, as soon as you reboot your computer the software is no longer available
  4. Once we have finished the remote session, we will disconnect and confirm that the issue has been resolved
  5. If you are satisfied we will send you a link for payment.
    1. payment will never exceed the estimate that was giving to you
    2. payments can be made online through PayPal or by mail
  6. iApproach may ask for your feedback and/or how we may improve your experience moving forward

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