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by Jim Hicks on iApproach
The Best

Our old computer crashed and got Dustin’s name through a friend. He came out installed our new PC and was able to recover all the data from the old one. He was very professional and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend for any computer needs.

by Janet P on iApproach
Great Job

We're wintering in AZ & my laptop was acting up. I called a 'local' guy & he asked how old it was; what it was doing & said ''oh, it's probably not worth fixing''!! I remembered hearing about Dustin, so got his phone number. He remotely fixed the issue very quickly for me & I should be good for quite some time.

by Ed Rego on iApproach
eLearning design and development

Dustin has consistently demonstrated himself to be highly capable, honest, and always willing to help.

Dustin has analyzed and optimized every step of the e-learning design process. His techniques are practical and using them will yield tangible improvements in course performance.

iApproach provides outstanding service and I highly recommend Dustin as a resource.

by Brandon B. on iApproach
Stellar Job

I was extremely pleased with Dustin's expertise and customer service. He was very fast and accurate in his work. I would highly recommend you use his service for all of your computer needs. Honest, fast and guarantees his work. I am giving out his information to anyone that needs computer repair/assistance. He is that good!

by Doug Edwards on iApproach
e-Learning Mastery

Dustin, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great work you did for us at Public Storage! I especially appreciated the fact that you always responded to our requests in a timely and professional manner. Because of your work, we are now in a much better position to serve our learner community. Additionally, the work you did to help us optimize our content, especially video and graphics, has allowed us to significantly decrease load and play times for our learners, allowing them to focus on the course material, rather than download issues.

All in all, you provided much needed value to our Learning and Development department and I wish you and iApproach many more years of success!

by Lacey Armstrong on iApproach
A wealth of knowledge

I met Dustin through a project at my previous employer and from the very beginning he has been nothing but helpful and willing to go the extra mile! I have since moved on to work for a new Firm, however that hasn’t hindered Dustin’s availability and willingness to help. Whether it is a simple technology or software question to building out a new laptop for me, Dustin is always consistent! Consistently reliable, efficient and trust worthy. Thank you Dustin for all your help!

by Trevor Twitchell on iApproach
Would be lost without him

Dustin has gone above and beyond on our home and work computers. There was nothing we threw at him that he couldn't solve, and we threw a lot at him!! His knowledge and customer service are first rate. Thanks for everything Dustin!!

by Brent Hodgkins on iApproach
Best in the biz

Dustin and his approach to customer service as well as customer satisfaction are second to none. His attention to detail in regards to performance and functionality are that of a true professional and are greatly appreciated by me. I will always use Dustin and iApproach for all of my IT needs. Great job Dustin and thank you!

by Jim & Sue Battisti on iApproach
Brought Us into the 21st Century

Thank you sooooo much Dustin. Your deligent and detail-oriented service and knowledge is beyond compare... and your patience, well above and beyond!!! Thanks again - Jim & Sue

by Blaine Dionne on iApproach
Amazing resource

Dustin and iApproach have been an amazing resource for me over the last five years. He's helped me build multiple computers from scratch, both laptop and desktop. We've partnered on multiple projects in the corporate world, building robust eLearning for organizations across many disciplines. He's also been an outstanding career coach with his invaluable instincts and candor. I highly recommend iApproach and Dustin Bauman.

by Richard Elias on iApproach
Exceptional Service & Follow-Up

I've been using Dustin for practically the last 12+ years with all of my computer problems/issues. His approach to handling the problem is always quick,easy & efficient. Dustin's knowledge in this field is second to none, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for the best of the best..

by Rusty on iApproach
Above and beyond!

Dustin and IApproach went above and beyond to provide the very best value and the highest quality service in replacing my old, viris infested desktop machine. I have never received this kind of personalized service from any provider, certainly not from the big name electronics stores. You would be very well served to contact Dustin for any of your IT needs, personal or commercial interprise applications.

by Tim P. on iApproach
Fixed the old and setup the new

I cannot recommend Dustin enough. I was having numerous problems with my old computer and Dustin was able to clean it up and have it working as good as new. After we discussed my primary needs in a system, Dustin was able to come up with some suggestions, tailored for my requirements and as a result, set me up with a new system that is worlds above the old. I can now do the tasks I want to with ease. It has made life much easier.

Thanks again Dustin!!!!!

by Cooper on iApproach
Thank you!

Thanks to Dustin, my laptop now works perfect. He lets you know whats wrong and how to fix/prevent it. I had multiple viruses and overall it just didn’t work anymore. He rebuilt everything, all the updates and cool new stuff, it’s faster then when it was brand new. Anyone who wants to get there computer fixed, this is the place to go.
Thanks Dustin...

by Paula on iApproach
Thank you SO much

If you have any problems with your computer, I can only say amazing things about Iapproach and Dustin Bauman specifically. My busines computer suddenly went dark on Tuesday, I contacted Dustin who had been recommended by a friend. I cannot express enough how fantastic his service was. I have my computer back less than 24 hours later. Everything intact, programs cleaned (even the keyboard is cleaned). Seems like its brand new, faster and perfect. Thank you so much, I will recommend your service to anyone and everyone.

by Daniel Currie on iApproach
Quick, knowledgeable, and very helpful

I got a new computer and asked Dustin to swap iTunes library over from my old one and not only did he do that he did all my updates for me and installed very helpful programs such as Office 2007, then had it back to me the next day. My computer is running awesome and I will definitley be using Dustin's and iApproach's services in the future. Thanks Dustin.

by Starr S. - CA on iApproach
Experienced and knowledgeable

The work iApproach did to my laptop saves me valuable time and makes anything from work to browsing the web more enjoyable. Dustin was able to solve all of the problems I was having with my computer and create a faster and more user friendly system. iApproach is the best!

by Rod Taylor on iApproach

I was referred to iApproach from a friend and thank god because the quality of work Dustin performed on our office computers was simply amazing. Our computers are now working at optimum speed and efficiency. I highly recommend iApproach and will never use any other tech.

by Nelson Masonry - Sue N. on iApproach
Right On!

Dustin was there for us from start to finish, even though we are 2000 miles apart, it was like he was right here with us. From choosing and procuring the right computers, custom setup with our applications, including Quickbooks, printers, moving our files, to setting up internet service and e-mail. iApproach is the only way to go!

by Josh C. - San Diego on iApproach
Above and Beyond the Call of Duty

In my current profession, I spend up to 15 hours per day working with computers. They say time is money, and I cannot afford to lose the valuable time associated with computer issues. For this reason, I choose iApproach. I once had a computing problem in the evening. Dustin from iApproach was able to remotely diagnose my PC, identify the issue, and then worked into the night, long after I had already went to bed, to get my system back up and running. I awoke to a PC that was good as new, with a follow up email from Dustin asking me to let him know if there were any further issues. As a customer, what more can you ask for?

Whether my computing problems are networking, PC, mobile, home, or business oriented, I always choose iApproach first and they have never let me down. iApproach’s knowledgeable and courteous staff promptly responds to meet any and all of my computing needs with professional and reliable service, day or night, making me feel as if I’m their most important customer.


by Rick Lohmann - San Diego on iApproach
Best in Class

I have utilized Dustin Bauman and iApproach’s services for several years in a variety of capacities ranging from personal to professional IT applications, including computer builds, multi-media projects, e-Learning development, and advanced IT troubleshooting. All I can say is that he and his staff are absolutely AMAZING! They operate with the utmost integrity, they’re dependable, quick to respond, they approach complex problems with “out-of-the box” creative solutions, and they consistently deliver a high-quality finished product, on time!

by Cristina Sanchez on iApproach
Great Service & Knowledge

iApproach has been so helpful in many of my computer needs. As a fairly knowledgable computer user, I sometimes still find myself with questions only an expert can answer. iApproach has helped me in dealing with both my PC, and Mac, helping me set up website servers, as well as offer software suggestions to fit my needs as a photographer and musician. iApproach has been there when I needed help when deciding on digital storage options and hardware upgrades to make my computer more efficient. iApproach has always had the answers I needed and the response time is simply amazing. The talented staff get back to you right away thus eliminating hours of trying to figure it out myself. Whether it's a simple procedure you need help with, or more complex computer assistance, iAppoach is awesome. I have recommended this company to many of my friends who need any technical help.

by Cameron Lampert on iApproach

Can I start with WOW! There has never been anyone like Dustin that I have ever had the opportunity to work with YTD. He drops everything when we have any sort of software or computer issues. He resolves them immediately everytime. He is kind, honest and most of all professional. The only logical solution and affordable, real life person we have ever encountered and will ever turn to for accurate solutions. Simply the “BEST”

by Randy T. - Utah on iApproach
Simply Amazing

I have known Dustin for several years and have always been impressed with his unbelievable talent and understanding of systems and software. I have spent hours on the phone with other IT folk of what takes Dustin a few minutes to fix. You can run every cleaning application available and it doesn’t help but turn Dustin loose and your old dog computer is good as new. When given a choice he is my absolute go to guy, I have never had an issue he hasn’t been able to fix, I consider myself pretty computer literate but the stuff he knows blows me away. I have never met anyone who has this much skill and knowledge with computers. He is one of the most personable people I know and the absolute best in the business.

by Dan S. in N. CA on iApproach
Lifesaver- Great Service

Dustin built me a computer, moved all my files from the old dying one (which he had help me fix a couple of times) and the new computer is great, fast and does what I need it to do. I recently acquired some spyware or something and he was able to help me remotely one night, after one night the computer is back to normal and faster than before he fixed it. I live in northern California and have tried some other IT guys and shops, however, I have always been disappointed with the service, charged a lot of money and they are not able to solve the problem. Dustin really knows his stuff, best computer guy I know.

by Jane G in MN on iApproach
Home Use

iApproach has been a life saver in building my computer and helping me in every area when I have had trouble with my internet connection or with anything connected to computers. I am pretty computer illiterate. When I needed help with anything I couldn’t figure out, I knew I could call and I would get immediate and accurate help. To me, service like this is most important and I have always received the fast and courteous help that I needed. I would recommend this service to anyone. It is excellent.